• The Absolutely No-Risk Way for the D2C Marketer to Increase Consumer Engagement

    The direct-to-consumer marketer can now access everything their consumers are doing anywhere on the web, and be able to immediately react to what each consumer is doing via the consumer’s browser.


    With this privacy-first, behavioral zero-party data, you can increase your consumer engagement, improve your ROAS and reduce your marketing costs. These benefits are only available from Marteq, the enterprise-level solution designed specifically for direct-to-consumer marketers.


    And for a limited time, your direct-to-consumer company can use Marteq without any risk. Here’s how:


    See a demo by 8/1/22, and your company can qualify to use Marteq for four months at no cost (that's more than a $3K value). And we’ll do all the work so that you can quickly start collecting and acting upon this incredibly important source of consumer data. Sign up for a demo now! → →


    Should you decide to keep using Marteq (and we know you will!), then we’ll bill you for usage, one month at a time. Otherwise, we’ll simply close your account and delete all the data. There’s no obligation.


    Want more information on Marteq? Download this one-page overview.


    And book your demo now. Use the form on the right to book your demo and qualify to use Marteq for four months at no cost! → →

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