• the only solution to deliver the consumer’s clickstream to B2C brand Marketers

  • Marteq is a SaaS application that delivers consumer-controlled, privacy-first clickstream data to the B2C marketer via their MarTech stack,

    and we are the only solution to provide this capability.

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    • B2C marketers are rapidly moving to replace third-party cookies with zero-party data, data that is willingly provided by consumers in exchange for rewards. And the most insightful zero-party data is behavioral data: Data from the consumer's clickstream.


    • For B2C marketers who are replacing data from third-party cookies, Marteq collects and distributes consumer-controlled, privacy-first consumer clickstreams into the MarTech stack so that the marketer can take immediate advantage of evident and hidden opportunities to build consumer relationships and drive more revenue and market share.


    • Marteq's ACTIVE Metering technology collects detailed web clickstreams (within and between websites and other digital properties), social interaction, media consumed, eCommerce behavior, search, geolocation, and app usage, across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Marteq is the TiVo® of consumer clickstreams!


    • Based on this behavioral data, use Marteq's in-app communication capabilities to interact directly with each consumer without their need to leave the application.
      • Using the data, brands, and agencies can react to consumers, from sending personalized offers & promotions to personalized messaging, without the need to use email, text, or social messaging.
      • Researchers can use in-app communication to distribute surveys to targeted consumers to collect additional consumer data as an overlay to the collected behavioral data. 
  • collect Behavioral Data.

    Consumer controlled.

    Interact and respond within the App.

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    The Consumer Controls Their Data

    The consumer controls what they share, when they share it, and how they respond. When the consumer has control over their data, there is full transparency, leading to greater trust, respect for privacy, and usage uptake.
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    Build & Distribute Communications

    You can interact with consumers directly within the application. Through Marteq's in-app communication, there's no need to use anything else to communicate. Say goodbye to email, social, texting.
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    Centralized Rewards Management

    You and your consumers can constantly monitor earned rewards within Marteq. Within the consumer's account, they can monitor their earned rewards at anytime, and you can monitor rewards credits & debits in the marketer portal.
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    Increase Your

    Consumer Base

    Through Marteq's unique network effect function, your consumers are incented to recruit their friends 'n family, increasing their rewards total while you benefit from new consumers.
  • marteq Integrates with your martech stack

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    No martech application stands alone, so we are focused on integrating with your existing martech stack. If you are an Adobe user, you should know that we are an Adobe Partner. Our API permits us to integrate with other CRM, marketing automation platforms, customer data platforms, and loyalty programs (home-grown or 3rd party).