• Everything a marketer needs to

    gather insight

    react to the insight

    → and reward for the insight...

    in one application


    Gain the deepest insight to each and every consumer,

    then react quickly by sending notifications, promotions, surveys,

    to build direct, transparent and profitable relationships

  • How marteq works

    The process for your consumers to capture, control and share their data is simple:

    The consumer downloads the browser extension, and the process begins.

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    Consumer Control = Trust

    There are two significant aspects of consumer control:

    1. The consumer controls data capture through a simple and easy-to-access toggle.
    2. The consumer can toggle messaging on or off so that they control their availability to receive communications from you.
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    Marteq Zero Party Data Capture is Comprehensive

    When the consumer is engaged online, their clickstream data (from within/between website visits, search, media consumption, social, e-commerce, etc.), is recorded by the Marteq DApp, where the temporary data is stored locally and transmitted via a high performance, secure protocol to a cryptographically-secure individual decentralized data record (DDR).

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    The Data Delivered is Based on Your Choosing

    Data is delivered either in raw form or processed to your specifications, for your analysis as standalone or integrated with your other data sources. It's your call. Via our API (or through our existing application integrations, e.g., Adobe Analytics), data flows directly from Marteq to you.

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    Communicate with Consumers Right from Marteq

    From within Marteq, you can communicate directly with individual consumers, groups of consumers, or your complete consumer database. Whether prompted by collected behavioral data, a desired promotion, a survey study, whatever is needed, you can use Marteq to send communications directly to the target audience without the need to use email, social, text, or any other communication app.

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    Rewards Management is Built-In

    Rewards are given to consumers in exchange for their sharing of data: That's the 'quid pro quo' that generates zero-party data and the motivation that makes Marteq work. But how do your consumers...and you...manage the disbursement, accrual, and redemption of rewards?


    Rewards management, for both parties, is built into Marteq, simplifying the process. For the consumer, their dashboard offers a full accounting of earnings: earnings, redemptions, by data and type. This instills confidence in the consumer and mitigates support calls (first-level support comes into us!). For you, your marketer portal provides a detailed accounting of all disbursements and earnings, which if desired, can be integrated with your own loyalty program or through a 3rd party vendor.