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    What You Must Know About Zero Party Data

    (and your consumers' clickstreams)

    The 3rd party cookie is going away, and a significant marketing capability to reach consumers with it. The resulting data deprecation is forcing marketers to evaluate new data sources to replace this loss, and one such option is zero-party data. However, there are TWO very different types of zero-party data that you need to know about.

    • What are the two types of zero-party data, and which should you use?
    • What is the fastest, most effective, and least costly means to collect zero-party data?
    • How can you not only ensure consumer data privacy but improve it?

    In a new webinar, "What You Must Know About Zero Party Data (and your consumers' clickstreams)," available on-demand, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of zero-party data as well as how to choose and leverage the best source.


    What you will learn:

    • The difference between behavioral zero party data and declarative zero party data;
    • Which type of zero-party data is right for your company;
    • How your consumers' clickstreams can flow into your stack while significantly improving data privacy.

    After this webinar, you'll have a working knowledge of zero-party data and its different types, so you'll know which form of consumer-generated data to use to replace 3rd party cookies.


    This webinar is brought to you by CYDigital™. For B2C marketers replacing data from third-party cookies, CYDigital’s Marteq™ application collects consumer-controlled, privacy-first consumer clickstream zero-party data and delivers it to your martech stack as well as Adobe Analytics.


    Your Speakers:

    Joe Rizzo, CEO, CYDigital

    John Rizzo, CTO, CYDigital

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