• Ethically Track Consumers' Every Click, Every Movement, Everywhere,

    ...for Higher Marketing ROI

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    Marteq is a SaaS application that ethically collects consumers'

    consent-based, consumer-controlled cross-web clickstream and mobile tracking data...

    ...resulting in over a 100% increase in marketing campaign performance.

  • Why Marteq?

    Tracking Consumers' Every Click, Every Movement, Everywhere...Ethically

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    Enhanced Marketing ROI

    • Consent-based, consumer-controlled data leads to more effective campaigns and increased conversions (a recent case study showed a 124% increase in CTR over expected results).
    • Insights-driven marketing fosters customer loyalty, enhancing lifetime value.
    • Hyper-Personalized Marketing based on precise clickstream and location data minimizes wasted ad spend.
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    Ethical Data Collection

    • Brands build and maintain trust by giving consumers control over their data.
    • Consent-based data complies with privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA, protecting both the brand and consumers.
    • Ethical data practices reduce the risk of legal and reputational issues.
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    Comprehensive Consumer Insights

    • Gain nuanced views of consumer behaviors and preferences.
    • Use these insights to inform broader marketing and product development strategies.
    • Stay ahead with a more informed understanding of market trends and consumer needs.
  • With Marteq, companies are completely prepared for the cookieless future.

    Adapt by replacing cookies with privacy-centric strategies using Marteq-collected data.

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    The outcome showed that Marteq proved to be an important tool in enforcing our market position as an

    innovative panel research agency.

    François Erner

    Chief Innovation Officer


  • How Marteq Works

    Marteq is a SaaS application that ethically collects consumers'

    consent-based, consumer-controlled cross-web clickstream and mobile tracking data.


    Consumers and their data are partitioned and only accessible to the consumer and the brand.

    It is not shared with Marteq.io or any other company using Marteq.

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    Consumers are incentivized to download the Marteq app (75% will do so). Marteq.io compensates consumers for downloading.

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    Cross-web clickstream and mobile tracking data are collected by Marteq and controlled by the consumer. Marteq.io compensates consumers for voluntarily sharing their data (56% will do so).

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    Consumers' shared digital footprints can be analyzed via the Marteq predictive AI engine or imported into marketing platforms for action and reaction. Using predictive AI, Marteq is changing BI with this new data type.

  • Leveraging Marteq Consent-Based, Consumer-Controlled Data

    Marteq empowers B2C marketers to make informed, effective decisions across various aspects of marketing strategies,

    from personalizing communication to strategic planning and execution.

    Hyper-Personalized Marketing Campaigns

    Utilize insights from data to create tailored hyper-personalized marketing messages and offers, resulting in more effective engagement and higher conversion rates.

    Finally Know the Complete Consumer Journey...100%

    Analyze the entire buyer journey to optimize user interactions. This enhances the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

    Improve Marketing ROI and Efficiency

    Target marketing efforts more precisely, reducing ad waste and improving campaign ROI. Use data to measure and refine marketing strategies for greater outcomes.

    Strategic Decision Making

    Leverage consumer behavior data to inform broader marketing strategies and product development. This approach helps in staying ahead of market trends and consumer needs.

    Competitive Analysis

    Understand consumer interactions with competitors’ sites to monitor the brand's market positioning. This data assists in differentiating strategies and offerings.

    Risk Reduction & Compliance

    Ensure compliance with privacy laws through ethical data collection practices. This approach builds consumer trust, protects vulnerable audiences, complies with legal standards, and mitigates legal risks.