• Drive Superior Client Outcomes with

    Ethical Data Insights

    Marteq enables consulting firms to revolutionize their client strategies through ethical, consent-based consumer insights, significantly boosting campaign performance and customer understanding.

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    Data-Driven Strategy Enhancement

    • Challenge: Often, digital transformation consulting guidance is based on shallow, decontextualized, and ineffective consumer insights.
    • Solution: Marteq can capture rich consent-based clickstream and location data, creating the most complete picture of how consumers spend their time online.
    • Benefit: Firms can leverage these insights to improve their client strategies by strengthening digital innovation and increasing their competitive positioning.

    Ethical Data Utilization

    • Challenge: Weighing the ability to deliver expansive program insights against the need to respect privacy laws and ethical boundaries.
    • Solution: Because Marteq collects data with users' explicit consent – required by law in all major international markets where users could be asked to opt in – it complies with global privacy laws.
    • Benefit: By arming B2C clients with this approach to consumer data collection, consulting firms can curb reputational risk and cement their clients with the promise of ethical data use.
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    Advanced Customer Journey Mapping

    • Challenge: Effectively mapping and understanding the complete customer journey, including all digital touchpoints and interactions, is complex without comprehensive data.
    • Solution: Marteq combines permission-based clickstream and location data to create a view of the customer’s journey across the web and between physical and virtual spaces.
    • Benefit: Consultancies can position themselves to provide sophisticated journey-mapping insights for their B2C clients, increasing conversion, satisfaction, and loyalty at each touch point.
  • How Marteq Works

    Marteq is a SaaS application that ethically collects your clients' consumers'

    consent-based, consumer-controlled cross-web clickstream and location data.

    Your client's consumers and their consumers' data are partitioned and only accessible to the consumer and your client.

    It is not shared with Marteq.io or any other company using Marteq.

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    Consumers are incentivized to download the Marteq browser app (75% will do so). Marteq.io compensates consumers for downloading.

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    Cross-web clickstream and location data are collected by Marteq and controlled by the consumer. Marteq.io compensates consumers for voluntarily sharing their data (56% will do so).

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    Consumers' shared digital footprints can be analyzed via the Marteq predictive AI engine or imported into marketing platforms for action and reaction. Using predictive AI, Marteq is changing BI with this new data type.