• Enhance Loyalty Programs with

    Precise Consumer Data Insights

    Marteq equips consulting firms with the ability to ethically collect detailed consumer data, empowering them to design loyalty programs that genuinely resonate with their clients' consumers' preferences and behaviors.

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    Tailored Loyalty Program Design

    • Challenge: Due to limited or inadequate insights, current loyalty programs tend to be monolithic or ill-fitted to accurately capture and promote a diversity of consumer interests and behaviors
    • Solution: Marteq offers deep, consent-based insights into consumer interests and behavior across the web, helping designers create infinitely granular loyalty programs.
    • Benefit: Consulting firms can help B2C clients develop loyalty programs that are compelling and relevant to their audience, increasing participation rates and customer retention.

    Behavior-Driven Reward Systems

    • Challenge: Reward systems that encourage and develop long-term consumer engagement and loyalty require a more nuanced understanding of consumer behaviors.
    • Solution: With Marteq, consulting firms can access detailed data on consumer actions and movements, guiding the development of more effective reward mechanisms.
    • Benefit: B2C clients can offer genuinely appealing rewards to their consumers, fostering long-term loyalty and increasing lifetime value.
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    Data-Driven Program Optimization

    • Challenge: Continuously improving loyalty programs to meet evolving consumer expectations demands ongoing access to current and comprehensive data.
    • Solution: Marteq delivers real-time analysis of customer behavior and preferences to support the ongoing optimization of loyalty programs.
    • Benefit: Consulting firms can ensure that B2C clients' loyalty programs remain effective and engaging over time, adapting to consumer behavior and market trends.
  • How Marteq Works

    Marteq is a SaaS application that ethically collects your clients' consumers'

    consent-based, consumer-controlled cross-web clickstream and location data.

    Your client's consumers and their consumers' data are partitioned and only accessible to the consumer and your client.

    It is not shared with Marteq.io or any other company using Marteq.

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    Consumers are incentivized to download the Marteq browser app (75% will do so). Marteq.io compensates consumers for downloading.

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    Cross-web clickstream and location data are collected by Marteq and controlled by the consumer. Marteq.io compensates consumers for voluntarily sharing their data (56% will do so).

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    Consumers' shared digital footprints can be analyzed via the Marteq predictive AI engine or imported into marketing platforms for action and reaction. Using predictive AI, Marteq is changing BI with this new data type.