• Maximize Marketing ROI with

    Ethical Consumer Data Insights

    Marteq offers digital marketing agencies the tools to ethically gather consent-based consumer data, enhancing campaign effectiveness and customer understanding while ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

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    Targeted Consumer Engagement

    • Challenge: Marketing efforts are more complicated when focusing on individual consumers and their specific tastes and behaviors when there's insufficient precise data. 
    • Solution: Marteq allows a detailed analysis of surveyed consumer clickstream and location data to create tailored and personalized marketing campaigns. 
    • Benefit: Agencies can deliver more meaningful consumer campaigns to their clients, increasing engagement rates and the formation of loyalty.

    Enhanced Campaign Performance

    • Challenge: What to keep in and what to exclude? When shaping a marketing strategy, digital provides the flexibility to include initiatives that optimize ROI and reduce marketing ad waste. It’s about putting the right components together, placing them in the suitable subsystems, and orchestrating the flow sequence.
    • Solution: Armed with consent-based, consumer-controlled data, agency clients can begin to enjoy complete visibility of the consumer journey, thus allowing them to target better and optimize.
    • Benefit: By doing so, agencies and clients avoid spending money on ineffective ads, and get the most ROI possible from your campaigns.
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    Data Compliance and Ethical Practices

    • Challenge: Ensuring that your marketing strategy recommendations remain compliant with evolving data privacy regulations and a growing consumer desire for related services that conform to their ethical data-use standards.
    • Solution: Marteq data collection is based on verifiable consent, delivering peace of mind to agencies and their clients.
    • Benefit: Ensuring ethical compliance allows brands to build trust with their consumers while mitigating legal risk and enhancing their corporate reputation.
  • How Marteq Works

    Marteq is a SaaS application that ethically collects your clients' consumers'

    consent-based, consumer-controlled cross-web clickstream and location data.

    Your client's consumers and their consumers' data are partitioned and only accessible to the consumer and your client.

    It is not shared with Marteq.io or any other company using Marteq.

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    Consumers are incentivized to download the Marteq browser app (75% will do so). Marteq.io compensates consumers for downloading.

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    Cross-web clickstream and location data are collected by Marteq and controlled by the consumer. Marteq.io compensates consumers for voluntarily sharing their data (56% will do so).

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    Consumers' shared digital footprints can be analyzed via the Marteq predictive AI engine or imported into marketing platforms for action and reaction. Using predictive AI, Marteq is changing BI with this new data type.