• empowering b2c marketers witH


    Consumer clickstream data

  • Marteq delivers consumer-controlled, privacy-first clickstream data

    to the B2C marketer that increases consumer engagement

    and return on advertising spending.

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    • Marteq collects and distributes consumer-controlled, privacy-first clickstream data, enabling marketers to deepen consumer relationships leading to increased consumer engagement and return on advertising spending.


    • Marteq's technology collects detailed web clickstreams (from all website activity across the web), social interaction, media consumed, eCommerce behavior, search, geolocation, and App usage, across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. 


    • Marteq's in-browser communication capabilities enable the B2C marketer to interact directly with each consumer with immediacy.
      • Based on the consumer's online behavior, immediately send personalized offers & promotions, without the need to use email, text, or social messaging.
  • → COLLECT clickstream Data

    → Interact, respond AND REWARD

    → ALL within the marteq App

    Gain deep insight into each and every consumer,

    then react quickly by sending notifications, promotions, surveys,

    to build direct, trusted, transparent and profitable relationships.

  • Give the Consumer Control

    The consumer controls what they share, when they share it, and how they respond. When the consumer controls their data, there is full transparency, greater trust, respect for privacy, and usage uptake...and adherence to all data privacy regulations.

    Build a Bond with The Consumer

    Interact with consumers directly within the Marteq application. Immediately send timely, trusted, personalized, gamified communications, without the need to use anything else to communicate.

    Easily Manage Consumer Rewards

    Monitor earned rewards within Marteq. Consumers can monitor their earned rewards at any time, and you can monitor rewards credits & debits in the marketer portal.

    Grow Your Consumer Base

    Incentivize consumers to recruit friends and family, increasing their rewards balance, while you benefit from Marteq's unique network effect function to expand your reach.


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    Marteq offers everything a marketer needs to gather behavioural insight, react to the insight and reward for the insight... all in one application that's easy to use and integrates with your marketing stack.


    Get a demonstration of the Marteq app, so you can experience first hand how Zero Party Data can transform your consumer engagement.


  • The flow of clickstream data from Marteq offers

    a variety of advantages for the B2C marketer

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    Know the Journey, React Immediately

    Identify trends of your consumers' online travels within and between websites & other digital properties, then plan your intercepts accordingly using Marteq's in-browser communication.

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    Segment based on Real Personas

    Personas can be created based on actual behavior, leading to greater accuracy and relevancy. Segment your consumers by behavior, and message accordingly, driving greater response rates.

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    Interrupt the Research, Stop Competitive Views

    As your consumers research products & services, you can insert yourself into the process and influence the decision. Intercept your consumers as they visit competitive sites, and protect the brand from churn.

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    Base Offers on Behavior, Keep your Fingers on the Pulse

    Via Marteq in-browser communication, offers/promotions can be triggered by behavior, giving you timely and relevant outreach. Continually gauge the brand's "pulse" among your consumers... instead of brand research for a specific point in time.



    marteq Integrates with your martech stack

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    No martech application stands alone, so we are focused on integrating with your existing martech stack. If you are an Adobe user, you should know that we are an Adobe Partner. Our API permits us to integrate with other CRM, marketing automation platforms, customer data platforms, and loyalty programs (home-grown or 3rd party).