• Empower Undergrad Students, Elevate Careers:

    Transforming University Recruitment

    Marteq unlocks new revenue streams and improves Career Services (CS) placement rates without out-of-pocket costs. By empowering undergrads to control and share their digital footprints, Marteq ensures that each student's journey from education to employment is optimized for success, satisfaction, and sustainability.

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    How It Works

    • The journey starts when students download the Marteq application, empowering them to collect, control, and consent to share their data. This active participation in their career outcomes, leveraging their digital footprint, attracts tailored employment opportunities.
    • For university recruiters, a nominal fee grants access to pre-analyzed, comprehensive student data, enabling them to identify ideal candidates with unprecedented precision.
    • Meanwhile, CS enjoys a new, cost-free funding model that directly links its success to the improved placement rates of its students.
    • This seamless blend of technology, empowerment, and financial incentive creates a harmonious ecosystem where everyone wins: students find their dream careers, recruiters hire the best candidates, and CS elevates their services to achieve higher placement rates with new funding at no cost.
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    For Career Services: Innovate, Earn, Excel

    Marteq introduces a revenue model for CS, allowing you to earn from increasing placement rates. With no out-of-pocket costs, CS can expect to tap into significant new financial resources to fund its mission further while dramatically elevating its placement precision, satisfaction rates, and overall department reputation.


    Marteq integrates with your existing tech infrastructure, including all other data sources, such as CareerLeader. Its data insights exceed those of others: whereas CareerLeader's insights are based on what the student says, Marteq's insights are based on what the student does. As a result, bias is completely eliminated.

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    For Undergrads: Control, Share, Succeed

    With Marteq, undergrads gain unprecedented control over their cross-web clickstream and location data. By owning their digital footprint, students can strategically share their data to unlock personalized employment opportunities that align with their aspirations and skills. This enhances their employability and rewards them with incentives, making their journey toward career success as rewarding as it is successful. Note that 90% of students surveyed would participate in the program.

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    For University Recruiters: Analyze, Match, Recruit

    Recruiters gain access to analyzed and comprehensive data on student behaviors and preferences, enabling a targeted and efficient recruitment process. This reduces the risk of costly hiring mismatches and accelerates the path to finding the perfect candidate, thereby transforming the landscape of university recruitment with data-driven precision and efficiency.