• Onboarding Your Companies to Marteq

    A Simple 3-Step Process to Enhance Consumer Engagement and Data Utilization

    Designed to align with business objectives and elevate consumer interactions, ensuring

    a seamless and impactful integration of solutions into operations.

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    Seamless Integration

    The consumers' cross-web clickstream and location data are integrated with your client's internal systems, offering the flexibility to manage consumer-shared data directly within the stack. As an option, a company can choose to access and download the data without integration.

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    Engagement Amplification

    Incentives are developed to motivate consumers to download and engage with Marteq. Marteq is configured to trigger incentives based on desired action and tracked within the Marteq client portal. Marteq compensates consumers to motivate their data collection and sharing actions.

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    Communication Excellence

    The final step involves working with the company to maximize Marteq's in-app messaging, enabling personalized communication with consumers based on their web and location behavior, thereby enhancing consumer engagement strategies.