• Ethically Track Consumers' Every Click, Every Movement, Everywhere,

    ...for Higher Marketing ROI

    Marteq is a SaaS application that ethically collects consumers'

    consent-based, consumer-controlled cross-web clickstream and mobile tracking data...

    ...resulting in over a 100% increase in marketing campaign performance.

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    A one-page overview that includes all the pertinent information the B2C marketer should know about Marteq.



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    Marteq Case Study Overview - respondi

    A snapshot of a recent case study with respondi, one of the world's largest consumer panel research companies.

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    Marteq Overview as an Infographic


    A quick glance into how Marteq works, and how the B2C marketer can benefit from Marteq.



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    White Paper: What is Cross-Web Clickstream Data?

    In this white paper, we'll cover what cross-web clickstream data is, but more importantly, how the marketer can collect this data to evolve marketing efforts to a higher level of consumer trust and transparency... while driving higher conversions. 

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    White Paper: The Benefits of Cross-Web Clickstream Data vs. Zero Party Data

    Zero-Party Data represents only a tiny fraction of the consumer's data profile. This brief outlines the advantages of Cross-Web Clickstream Data and how it compares to ZPD.

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    Marteq In-Depth Case Study: respondi

    This case study focuses on the consumers’ willingness to permit Marteq to capture consumer behavior from the consumer’s clickstream data.