• Maximize Portfolio Value with

    Insightful Consumer Data Analytics

    Marteq empowers PE-backed portfolio companies to leverage ethical, consent-based consumer insights,

    driving unparalleled growth and operational efficiency.

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    Enhanced Market Positioning

    • Challenge: Portfolio companies must differentiate themselves in crowded markets and identify untapped growth opportunities.
    • Solution: Marteq provides deep insights into consumer behaviors and preferences, enabling data-driven strategic decisions that outpace competitors.
    • Benefit: Firms can clarify their market positioning, identify new growth pockets, and create more relevant offerings that satisfy consumer needs, increasing market share and investor value.

    Optimized Marketing Spend

    • Challenge: Achieving a high ROI on marketing investments remains critical, with companies often struggling to target and engage their ideal customer segments more efficiently.
    • Solution: Because of Marteq's granular consumer data, portfolio companies will be able to target their marketing more accurately to reduce waste, and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.
    • Benefit: With clear, precise targeting, your portfolio companies will achieve much higher conversion rates, providing a large edge over competitors in the marketing ROI, which in turn will contribute to profitability.
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    Improved Customer Experience and Loyalty

    • Challenge: Building and maintaining customer loyalty in the digital age requires a profound understanding of the customer journey and expectations.
    • Solution: Marteq offers detailed insights into the customer journey, from initial engagement to purchase and beyond, enabling personalized customer experiences.
    • Benefit: By consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations over time, portfolio companies have the potential to increase customer satisfaction, enhance customer loyalty, and encourage repeat business, contributing to sustained long-term value.
  • How Marteq Works

    Marteq is a SaaS application that ethically collects your portfolio companies' consumers'

    consent-based, consumer-controlled cross-web clickstream and location data.

    Your portfolio companies' consumers and their consumers' data are partitioned and only accessible to the consumer and your portfolio company.

    It is not shared with Marteq.io or any other company using Marteq.

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    Consumers are incentivized to download the Marteq browser app (75% will do so). Marteq.io compensates consumers for downloading.

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    Cross-web clickstream and location data are collected by Marteq and controlled by the consumer. Marteq compensates consumers for voluntarily sharing their data (56% will do so).

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    Consumers' shared digital footprints can be analyzed via the Marteq predictive AI engine or imported into marketing platforms for action and reaction. Using predictive AI, Marteq is changing BI with this new data type.